Just a reminder that our Choreography & Stunt Camp starts this weekend for some of our teams! The schedule is posted below again incase you missed it before and also which practice top they should wear on each day. We would like ALL Cheerleaders hair pulled up into a high ponytail with their bangs and fly-away hairs all hairsprayed back. All girls need to wear a cheer bow in their hair, it can be one from last year, one you got from our store or one you just have. If you have any extras maybe have your child pack and extra one or two bows in their bag incase a teammate forgets a bow or doesn’t have one. Please wear plain black shorts/skort with your practice top. Camp begins at the time below so make sure you’re there a little early so you’re athlete is prepared!

Cheer Xpress Summer Session 2 is July 13th-August 8th for Tumbling Classes and Recreational Cheer classes! It’s not too late to join in on the fun! Call us at 402-489-5111 or email us at info@cheeranddanceexpress.com for more class and camp information!